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Winter Newsletter!

As you know, Paramount Landscaping is all about keeping our business green and the environment healthy. We do everything that we can to damage the environment as little as possible, including attempting to switch over to liquid de- icing practices in the winter, as much as possible. For many, many years salt has been the number one choice to diminish ice and snow, but we have realized rather recently that this is not the best option. Sure, salt does a fantastic job of virtually making all ice disappear, but this is because salt is a corrosive material. Other than destroying ice, it also has harmful effects on our environment. It deteriorates and kills our grass, plants, trees, driveways and roads. And even more importantly it gets into our sewer system and changes the pH of the water which dumps into our lakes and rivers which aquatic life as well as ourselves have access to.

A better and safer option for our environment is a liquid de- icing option which Paramount started using at the beginning of the winter season. Our product is derived from beet juice, so other than the fact that it temporarily stains the pavement because of its deep colour, there are no harmful environmental effects. According to Future Road Solutions Inc. (the company that manufactures this product), it is a "natural agricultural product" and "is derived from renewable resources providing a sustainable and environmentally sensitive alternative". The reason that this salt alternative is environmentally friendly is because it significantly reduces the amount of chlorides being thrown into the environment. And this product works wonderfully for landscapers not only because it's simple to use, but also because it has a lower working temperature than regular rock salt. It can continue to melt ice and snow down to temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius.

Obviously the chief priority for us in the winter months is to make sure our snow removal and de-icing customers have safe properties by reducing and eliminating the amount of ice and/ or snow on their driveway and walkways. But it would be great if we could do this while not harming the environment. That's why it's important that the community takes a part in decreasing the amount of salt used- first on a personal level by laying down less on your property if you do partake in this activity, and secondly by creating more awareness of this issue so that sooner, rather than later, our communities start looking into more environmentally friendly options for our roads, highways, parking lots and properties. According to an article in the Flamborough Review, "over 5 million tonnes of road salt is used in Canada annually". And as research has shown, this is making slow but drastic and devastating effects to our environment. Like our philosophy here at Paramount, we are pretty sure that everyone else has the same opinion about wanting a healthy and flourishing world for our children and our children's children.

October Newsletter!

The winter season is quickly approaching and we will see the beautiful white landscape that Canada has to offer at any time now. Are you getting prepared for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas holidays, and the snow that will come along with these joyous occasions? Paramount is busy planning and organizing for the winter snow removal and salting/de-icing services, and we can take at least one worry off your mind for the busy season ahead, by snowplowing and shoveling your property. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry about going out in the cold and wind and shoveling while having the aches and low back pain that can come long with it? How about feeling that you and your family are safer outside, by using Paramount’s de-icing services? We will describe how our snow services work in the paragraphs below and will always be here for you if you need any more questions answered.

When you sign with Paramount Landscaping for the winter season, it guarantees that we will take care of your property from November 15th until April 15th. One of our trucks will be out to plow and shovel your property as soon as we can after the snow has fallen. We typically wait until the snow has finished falling before coming to clear, so that your driveway is the clearest possible. Only during very long and heavy snowfalls may we be to your property more than once to ensure that we clear the majority of snow. Our drivers will be out for every snowfall accumulating 5 cm/ 2 inches or more. If less than 5 cm of snow has accumulated or if your driveway is icy, Paramount can come out and use de- icer to get rid of the majority.

When the snow finishes in the evening, it is highly likely that we will be at your property before sunrise the next morning. When the snow finishes falling during the night however, if we haven’t made it to your property by first thing in the morning, it will be done before you get home from work. Paramount’s drivers work as efficiently as possible to ensure that we make it to your property at a timely manner, but their safety comes first, so please be patient during extremely heavy snowfalls (upwards of 20 cm). Also, after all drivers have been out for a eight hour shift, it is mandatory that they take a four hour break to get some rest before returning out to proceed plowing. This occurs rarely, only under extreme circumstances, but this also usually means that people stay home for the day and that school is cancelled. Paramount’s drivers have been taught the most efficient way to plow the snow for multiple reasons, so unfortunately it cannot be requested that they put the snow in other places. With our 24 hour snow hotline, updated regularly with vehicle and weather reports, you will always know that to expect in terms of current snow storm accumulation and projected completion times for your area.

> *ONE LAST THING OF UTTER IMPORTANCE: Paramount only snowplows for those customers that have signed on for the season. We do not have an on- call service available. It is important that we keep a steady income over the winter in order to pay our employees, and it is also important to properly schedule our routes in advance of the snow season.

As mentioned before, Paramount also offers de- icing services throughout the winter season. De-icing is an extremely important preventative safety measure to help ensure the safety of residents, patrons and pedestrian traffic visiting your property, reducing the likely-hood of accidental injury and potential insurance liability issues. With our new GO GREEN mentality for 2009, Paramount has researched new de-icing technologies developed as eco-friendly alternatives to standard bulk salt. For clients that prefer the use of salt, we use Ecosalt, which is both less corrosive and more effective at lower temperatures than bulk salt. However, with the frequent salt shortages occurring over the past few years, liquid de-icing is becoming a more reliable method of snow and ice control over sand/salt mixtures. Our liquid de-icing trucks are a new addition to the Paramount Fleet for 2009. The liquid de-icing solution has enhanced melting power, lowers freezing temperatures, is extremely consistent and is made with 100% organic and biodegradable additives.

Please feel free to contact us for further information or to receive your free quote. Our trucks are being filled fast, so book your spot as soon as possible!

September Newsletter!

This newsletter is a little bit more scientific in nature than previous topics. It's a look into what exactly causes our climate and weather that we have here on earth. First off, if the sun didn't exist there would be no weather on earth, or life for that matter. The sun determines our temperature and overall climate and also affects our ozone layer. Luckily earth's strong magnetic field as well as our ozone, protects us from the sun's violent rays, heat, and solar winds. The ozone layer is a thin but powerful type of force-field that surrounds the earth. The UV or ultraviolet rays are invisible electromagnetic waves that leave the sun's surface are some 150 million km away and would burn us to a crisp if it wasn't for our ozone shield. The reason that it is so hot at the equator is because it receives the most direct angle of sun's rays. The poles, on the other hand, receive little direct sunlight during the year, so they never have a chance to warm up much. Our climate here in this part of Ontario is the way it is because we receive a lot of sunlight in the summer, and much less in the winter, responsible for the seasons that we have.

The reason that we have four seasons in this part of the world is because of the tilt of the earth's orbit. Thanks to the sun and our tilted axis we have daylight and darkness, spring flowers and autumn leaves, snow to build snowmen and days to suntan at the beach. According to Astronomy Online, The reason for colder days is the shorter length of the day. During the summer months, the days are long and the sun heats up the Earth's surface more so than in winter. (astronomyonline.org, 2009) The sun is responsible for all of these majestic things that occur on our planet that we take for granted. In the darkest parts of space it can be – 450 degrees Fahrenheit and up to thousands of degrees in temperature close to the sun. It is the 500 km of our atmospheric gases that protects us from the climate in space. Our atmosphere is made up of mostly nitrogen and oxygen but also contains carbon dioxide, ozone and other gases.

What we know as the weather here on earth occurs only in the closest 10 to 20km to our surface which is classified as the troposphere. Why do changes in weather occur? Because of temperature and moisture differences in the air, which are also the properties that create the jetstream. Clouds are beautiful images that scatter the sky and give us some shade from the sun's strong rays. They are created when rising air cools and a lot of the water molecules clump together making clouds visible to the eye. When these cloud droplets form together, they can either get too heavy and fall as rain or snow, or they can evaporate back into the air.

We have many more interesting weather events on earth that we will have to discuss in detail at another time. But you have to admit, our earth is a pretty amazing planet!

August Newsletter!

This month's newsletter is written about the importance of composting and how you can build sustainable compost in your yard. The reason for the timing of this topic is because autumn will approach us rapidly, which means that your front and back yard will be littered with falling leaves. Paramount does an excellent job of cleaning up your leaves at our end of season fall cleanup, but sometimes they fall early or much later in the year than our fall cleanup weeks. In this case, instead of putting your raked leaves in garbage bags at the end of the driveway for the city to pick up, why not try putting them in a compost and helping the environment? Leaves contain carbon, which is one of the essential nutrients to make a thriving compost. Nitrogen is another essential component to create a balanced compost which is what most kitchen waste is.

Apart from things like the peels and leftovers from fruits and vegetables, what else can go in a composter? Here is a short list of other things that are environmentally friendly to add to your compost pile: paper towels, paper bags, hair, coffee grounds, straw, napkins, paper from shredder, lawn clippings, horse or cow manure, rabbit droppings, raw fish waste, animal manure, egg shells, old bread, eggshells, weeds (watch for seeds though), seaweed and almost anything plant based.

There are many different styles of composters, some you can build, some you can buy, and you could even just create a compost pile if you have a suitable corner to put it in. A wooden unit is a fairly easy example of a composter that can be made; we will explain how to build one that's 3 feet x 3 feet. You will need 4 posts that are 2 feet by 4 feet to hammer into the ground to create a square, 3 feet apart. Then nail 1 foot by 6 feet pieces of wood to the posts, leaving two inches between boards. Leave the top open for airflow, and you could get fancy by creating a small opening or a door on one of the sides to help with this as well. It should look like the picture below.

The City of Toronto suggests to speed up the process of composting by shredding the leaves before putting them in your composter by using an electric trimmer, or by mowing over them first. Leaves that are in smaller pieces will compose much faster than larger leaves. A simple composter that you can buy is just a simple, large plastic or metal garbage bin. Puncture holes throughout the sides of it and remove the bottom and viola- a simple and inexpensive housefor your compost.

So why all of this work for a compost- what are the benefits of having one? When compost is broken down into your soil, it will provide all of the natural nutrients for your plants and flowers. It releases these nutrients slowly so that they are always readily available to your plant life. It actually improves the structure of the soil, so that there is a long term effect on the health of your soil. Also, more worms tend to live in the soil because it is less dense and has more nutrients, which is beneficial. According to The Composting Council of Canada, Compost appears to suppress some types of plant disease.

These are just some of the many benefits of composting, other than the obvious fact that you would be doing our environment a huge favour by recycling these items instead of tossing them in the trash!

July Newsletter!

This month's topic is about environmentally friendly practices that each of us can incorporate into our daily lives in order to make our planet a healthier place. Apart from the common Reduce, Reuse, Recycle practices we all use, there are many other things that we can all do on a day- to- day basis than will enrich the environment around us. Below is a compilation of FIFTY ideas that Paramount has researched to put our readers into gear to living a greener lifestyle.

  1. *Change your light bulbs to energy- saving, eco- friendly bulbs
  2. *Use cold water (and a higher quality detergent) in the washer
  3. *Take a shower instead of a bath
  4. *Turn off the lights in rooms that you are not using
  5. *Use only eco- friendly household cleaners (Paramount likes Green Works products)
  6. *Buy recycled printer paper
  7. *If you drink bottled water, make sure the plastic is partially recycled
  8. *Buy prepackaged foods with less packaging
  9. *Use reusable shopping bags for shopping
  10. *Compost as much as you can
  11. *Make eco- friendly food choices (eating a 100 mile diet) by buying from your local farmers
  12. *Carpool and use modes of active transportation (walking, biking etc.) in the nice weather
  13. *Drink fair trade coffees and teas, and get your moe joe in your reusable tumbler
  14. *Target your lawn watering needs
  15. *Watch your thermostat temperatures (even lowering it just a couple of degrees can make a difference)
  16. *Try to buy plastic containers with the labels 1 or 2 on them as opposed to those number 3 through 7, as they are easier recycled
  17. *Use a reusable coffee filter
  18. *Plant a tree
  19. *Use rechargeable batteries
  20. *Don't let your car idle
  21. *Keep your vehicle running in good condition, or if you need a new one, go Hybrid
  22. *Plug your entertainment unit's goods into a power bar and then shut off the power bar when they're not being used
  23. *Use energy efficient appliances
  24. *Send emails or text messages instead of using paper sources
  25. *Try to pack a waste free lunch for yourself or your children
  26. *If you don't use your fireplace, have it blocked off so heat doesn't escape in the winter
  27. *Close drapes during the day and open windows at night to keep your home cool
  28. *Invest in a new furnace if yours is less than 80% efficient
  29. *Reuse wrapping paper and boxes, or wrap gifts with newspaper
  30. *Look into buying an electric air purifier to rid your home of any
  31. chemicals floating around from insulation, carpet, cleaners etc
  32. *If you use a dishwasher, only turn it on when its full, or even better, wash dishes by hand
  33. *Buy recycled and/ or biodegradable toilet paper, tissues and paper towels
  34. *Connect a rain barrel to your downpipe
  35. *Choose plants for your garden that are native to this area
  36. *Use organic makeups, soaps, and other beauty and health products
  37. *Choose flea pills for your dog instead of collars or powders, as they release harmful chemicals
  38. *Put your computer in sleep mode, or turn it off when its not being used
  39. *Donate any old clothes, toys, games, appliances, cell phones, furniture, magazines, drywall, wood, brick etc. to a local donation centre like Goodwill, Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity
  40. *See if you can take a bus or train out of town instead of driving or flying
  41. *Recycle your old toner/ ink cartridges
  42. *Buy natural and organic fabrics for bedding, drapes etc.
  43. *Replace your air filters in your air conditioning system when they get dusty
  44. *Make sure that your windows are tight fitting to the frames
  45. *Hang your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer
  46. *Think about installing solar panels
  47. *Use only organic fertilizers
  48. *Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth
  49. *Take advantage of rebates, grants and other incentives to make your home more eco- friendly
  50. *Start a community initiative (or get your children to) to help create a healthier neighbourhood
  51. *And lastly EDUCATE yourself and your family about other environmentally friendly things that you can do to make a difference to the wonderful world that we live in

  52. June Newsletter!

    The middle of the summer is when we're surrounded by the brightest colours and sweetest scents from different blossoms. There are an array of different flowers to choose from as a home or business owner, but there may be certain options that suit your garden or property best. This can be because of the plant's necessities (a specific amount of sunlight, water needs etc.), your tastes, as well as other things. Although most plants should be planted in the early spring, it is possible to still to plant a variety of them now, as long as some care is taken. Also, you want to make sure that the plants that you are interested in can thrive in your soil, because pH levels can differ between them. You must decide whether you are looking for perennial flowers, annual flowers, shade plants , moss plants, climbing plants, fruit trees, grasses, mosses, mum plants or other foliage, and it is suggested to ask one of our specialists first before planting any of these. When creating a garden, most often the larger trees and shrubs create an outline of the garden, making a framework, and then other plants are to follow. There are different styles of garden to choose from as well, including what you will be planting your flowers in. No longer are gardens created only using soil as a base, but it is possible to plant in different types of mulch and even rock. This all depends on the type of plant and its requirements to grow.

    Perennials are by definition, any plant that lives for more than two years, but the time they live can greatly vary. Even though perennials are known as hardy plants, there may still be some that will survive better than others in a specific environment. You can find perennials that suit your desires like being low maintenance, long blooming, shade tolerant, and weather- resistant. Annuals, in contrast, are plants that germinate, flower and die within one year. These plants are right for you if you're looking for your garden to flower quickly and provide a long season of blooms. Many annuals tend to be quite hardy as well, not requiring a specific amount of sunlight, water or soil conditions, and so may also be a good choice for this reason. More uncommonly known, a biennial is a plant that takes two years to complete its lifecycle, and will then flower and produce fruits and seeds before it dies. Biennials generally have a difficult time surviving our harsh winters in Canada.

    So with all of this information about the types of plants, how do you go about choosing the right ones for your garden? As mentioned earlier, this will depend on many factors about where the plants will be located, as well as your taste. Some flowers have a stronger fragrance than others such as daffodils, orchids, jasmine, lavender, lilies, honeysuckle, irises and roses, amongst others. Some plants are more vibrant in colour than others such as tulips, roses, primroses, daisies, pansies and snapdragons, amongst others. If you would like to have birds and butterflies attracted to your garden then some good options may be lavender, sunflowers, hydrangea, trumpet vine, honeysuckle, firebush and petunias. Insects are attracted to most flowers with an aroma or bright colour, so you may want to take this into consideration when deciding where to plant these flowers.

    Remember, before you start creating your garden, give us a call and ask one of our specialists for their insight and guidance. We're always here to help!

    May Newsletter!

    Now that the warm weather is here, all of us dog owners are happy because this means more time for the pups to spend out in the yard and enjoy themselves. Dogs are wonderful friends to have, but sometimes they cause some damage when we turn away even for just a few minutes. Digging holes, eating plants and flowers, ripping leaves off trees and even doing their business can be destructive to our yards.

    Sometimes the biggest obstacle to overcome is hole digging. The reasons that dogs participate in this behaviour is usually because of boredom, separation anxiety, looking for buried bones/ toys/ other things of interest, looking for small animals, and just because it is fun to them. Digging is one of a dog's natural instincts which is why many times they don't respond even if they're reprimanded for doing it. It can be extremely difficult to get a dog to stop digging holes, but there are some tips that may help. Picking up your dog's feces and placing it just under the surface of where they are digging (with soil on top) will usually stop this behaviour in that particular spot, but they will tend to find a new spot to start all over. Another idea is to put a sprinkler in the area that they like to dig and turn it on if they start digging. Even if the dog is startled or frightened of the sprinker, they won't associate the fear with you, the owner. Apart from giving your dog a fenced off area in the backyard only for them to go, sometimes there is not a much that can be done to stop this behaviour other than regularly exercising your dog, and giving them plenty of toys/ bones etc. to keep them busy during the course of the day. If there are any gaps around the perimeter of the yard, these should be filled in or covered with soil, mulch, stones, rocks etc. because sometimes if a dog sees an opening that they think they may be able to fit through, they will be more likely to start digging in that area.

    Another problem area of a yard of a dog owner may be gardens, trees, plants, and shrubs. Other than suggesting that it may not be the best idea to have beautifully designed gardens in the backyard with dogs having the run of it, there are a few options available. Dogs will sometimes rip apart leaves, pine needles, tall grasses and even bark off trees because they find it amusing, or even to eat it. An easy solution to this problem is to buy either bitter apple or bitter lime spray (available at some pet stores) to spray on plants that the dog likes. Most dogs hate the taste of this (even though it is safe for your pet as well as the plant) and they will usually stop the behaviour immediately. If the bitter apple or lime spray isn't working, you can mix a 50/50 combination of Tabasco sauce and water to spray on the problem areas, which as far as I know, all dogs find distasteful.

    Lastly, and sometimes most visually destructive to our lawns are the yellow stains that our dog's urine leaves. The only environmentally friendly option to treat this problem is a lawn treatment that Paramount Landscaping offers. It removes the harmful chemicals in urine that are the culprits of killing the grass. This is a service where most dramatic results will be seen if started up as soon as possible, now that the grass is growing like a weed, and it should be done three times per year: once at the beginning of the spring season, in the middle of the summer, and in the fall. This is a cost efficient approach and pet- friendly option to rid your lawn of yellow stains once and for all, as long as the program is followed every year. Feel free to get in contact with us for more information regarding this program.

    April Newsletter!

    Paramount Landscaping offers a slew of landscape construction services. Our qualified staff can perform these following construction services: -Driveway and patio interlocking -Retaining wall design and construction -Pond construction -Landscape lighting -Fencing -Garden design -Mulch installation -Tree and hedge planting and removal -Sod installation -Irrigation and sprinkler system installation -Core aeration -Dethatching -Arborist services

    It is important to let us know sooner rather than later if you are interested in getting a quote and would like to book a construction project. Usually by the beginning of June, our construction schedule is booked for the rest of the season, so it is crucial to let us know now if you would like a construction project done this year.

    The most up- to- date look for gardens this year involves mulching. Not only will this guarantee a garden that requires very little maintenance, but mulching also does a variety of other beneficial things for a home or business owner. Mulch, when properly installed prevents the germination of most weeds, it holds water for longer periods in the soil below even in extreme heat, and it helps filter water into a garden during rainfalls. There are a variety of mulches to choose from and it is an environmentally- friendly way to enhance the look of your property, because they are organic.

    The most common form of construction that Paramount performs during the spring and summer season is patio design and creation. If you have some great ideas of your own for a patio project, you are more than welcome to let us know, but our staff is very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to patio design. We also have expertise in what type of stone to use to compliment your property best, and whether to choose architectural tiles or paving stones. One option is typically chosen over another depending on budget, the current look of the property, shaping of the patio and desired texture of the patio itself.

    The most important aspect of a great looking patio is, of course, the finished product. Just as important as the quality of the workmanship of the patio itself is the look of what surrounds the patio. Gardens, trees, shrubs and flowers enhance the look of any patio and the Paramount team can help with making a beautifully finished product.

    Some other popular types of construction that Paramount is well familiar with is pond construction. More and more people are getting ponds installed in their yards to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere. A well designed pond in any backyard can easily spruce things up and adds the final touch to a well maintained yard.

    There are three different classifications of ponds that we build: standard ponds, ponds with waterfalls and pondless waterfalls. Standard ponds have a filter and are usually quite large in size, with people sometimes keeping plant life and fish inside. Ponds with waterfalls are the same as the above, but with a waterfall which usually falls directly into the pond from above. And lastly, a pondless waterfall is only a waterfall which falls into rocks below and requires no free standing water. Ponds are surrounded by an array of flora and different styles of stone to enhance their look. Depending on the space that you have in your yard, one particular option may be better than another, which one of our pond specialists can help you with.

    There is a new benefit to doing all of these renovations to your property this year, as there has just been a home renovation tax credit that is now being offered by the government on any home renovations that are done, up to $10,000. This is of advantage until January 2009 and you can claim this when filing your 2009 tax return. On the Department of Finance Canada's website, some examples of HRTC eligible renovations include: building a deck, fence, or retaining wall, resurfacing a driveway, laying new sod, and painting the interior or exterior of a house. For further information, visit Canada Revenue Agency's website at (www.cra-arc.gc.ca).

    March Newsletter!

    March is usually a month of planning and preparation. Preparing for the warm weather, summer vacation, the kids finishing school, plans for lawn and garden care, and plans for summer projects. Just a few more weeks of snow, and we will start seeing green lawns and blossoming trees and flowers. It is extremely important to book with Paramount early for a variety of reasons.

    Every year the start date for the mowing season changes depending on a variety of factors such as when the snow melts, the temperature, and the condition of soil and grass. In order to prepare for cutting your lawn for the first time, it is important that a spring cleanup is done to clean your property of leaves and other debris from the previous year.

    Our spring cleanups are typically completed between April 1st and May 1st, but this timing depends mainly on weather conditions. Paramount believes in performing very thorough spring cleanups in order to start the season off right. This includes the cleanup of all major debris on your property including leaves, dead grass, and any garbage that may have accumulated through the winter. This leaves your turf ready for cutting, fertilizing and watering for the spring and summer season.

    There is no easy way to get and keep a beautiful lawn . . . but there sure is a way. Just like a three legged stool, proper lawn maintenance is supported by three equally important factors. Each of them works with the others to support a lawn that is both attractive and functional.

    First, the homeowner or your sprinkler company needs to be involved making sure that the lawn is properly watered. Second, nature has to provide the needed growing conditions. Problems will arise whenever temperature, precipitation and/or humidity are not in the optimal range for a healthy and growing turf. Finally, Paramount Landscaping needs to maintain healthy mowing practices and monitor the lawn in order to ensure the proper application of fertilizers. We can also provide identification and control of weeds, as well as the early diagnoses of problems caused by insect pests and disease.

    It is that your lawn not be too long when we cut it for the first time. Not only must we cut your lawn twice or more when it is very long, which we must charge for, but it will also cause uneven patches as well as clumps of grass. We want your lawn to look as spectacular as you do, and there is a specific agenda that we need to follow to get your lawn looking its best and being the healthiest that we can make it. A healthy lawn that is well taken care of is more likely to be resilient against pests and other physical damage, as well as having less weed growth.

    An important aspect to do with the health of your turf, plants, and trees is the consistency of your soil. Having healthy and nutrient rich soil is the most important factor in having a healthy lawn. That is why at the beginning of the season we perform a free soil analysis from your property, so that we can tell what elements are missing, and what type of fertilizer that your lawn requires. It will also tells us if your lawn needs aeration, and what its’ watering needs are. This analysis is critical for a healthy lawn and garden and is guaranteed to make your property look its best.

    Paramount Landscaping's #1 resolution for 2009 is our "Go Green!" initiative. We have a variety of strategies that are aiding us in achieving this goal including new fertilizing tactics. As many of you will already know, the Town of Oakville has recently passed a by- law banning the use of cosmetic pesticides and is a move that will soon be incorporated by all of Halton Region and all of Ontario through Bill 64. Although most fertilizers contain pesticides or an array of other chemicals which are harmful to your lawn as well as the environment, there are some eco- friendly fertilizing options which Paramount's team stands behind. The fertilizer products we use are 100% natural and have been designed to provide the balanced nutrition required by your lawn. They do not smell of manure and will not burn the lawn or irritate our skin. This means that your turf will not be damaged if it is not watered quickly or if too much fertilizer is used. Also, a great benefit to you, the customer, is that people as well as pets do not have to be kept off the lawn for 24 hours after fertilizer application because there is no need for any health concerns. This is just one of the many Green initiatives that Paramount Landscaping is incorporating this year to do our part in healing our environment. If you are interested in our other eco-friendly proposals, check them out on our "Go Green!" page.